Traci was amazing to work with. She kept in touch with me for months with news about potential properties and when I was ready to buy she was able to negotiate with the sellers so that I could purchase the home I wanted. As I was moving from out of state she suggested home mortgage banks, insurance agents, home inspectors, handymen, etc. to make my move easier

Judy Y Lewis – Myrtle Beach, SC

We have worked with many real estate agents in the past however Traci Miles far exceeds all others. Traci delivers what she says. Traci has true honesty, integrity and a passion for her work and her clients.

Gold and Linda Adkins – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci consistently goes above and beyond to help their customers. She is amazing!

Gonzalo Hidalgo – North Myrtle Beach, SC

Liked Traci’s appearance and easy going manner – made us feel comfortable communicating with her. We felt like she was truly a team player in the sale and represented our interests. We are not very knowledgeable as to the extent the realty office played in the transactions – certainly we were pleased with Traci’s assistants and their help.

Jayne Stouffer – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci Miles is a fabulous agent!!!!!

Gary and Doris Cummings – Myrtle Beach, SC

So here’s our story…..My husband and I were on a 2 week vacation in MB in late April with the intent to relax and also check out MB as a possible retirement location. This was my first visit to MB and while my husband had visited before it was on golf trips and he hadn’t had the opportunity to check out the area. We had the good luck to make new friends who have been in the area for 25 years and know their way around. Through these new friends, we had the best fortune to be introduced to Traci. She listened to our wish list, did the research and on our 13th day in MB, we struck a deal on our house. OMG! What have we done? She was so reassuring that all would be just fine. She was right. Traci (and her team) handled everything and hooked us up with everyone we needed. I worked with Jill Griffith for title and closing–lovely and smart lady; home inspector Fred did a great job too. To Traci’s credit she had repairs completed that we did not expect. A wonderful surprise for us. Jo Nell followed up on so many details and kept me informed which I greatly appreciated. We saw our house last week (7/11) for the first time since closing on 6/28. I have to say I was very pleased to see it totally empty and cleaned out so well. Traci has the contacts to help us renovate our house to make it our home. We started that process last week. Century 21 is certainly fortunate to have this talented team as part of their organization. Many thanks to Traci and her team for EVERYTHING! Lovely to work with them all—-and they are now our friends.

John and Felicia Ballman – Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s really all about Traci and what she brings to the process.

Thanks again,

Robert and Cynthia Minor – Murrells Inlet, SC

Traci Miles keeps me Informed on a constant basis. She is quite reliable and refreshingly enthusiastic! Any business could benefit from her professionalism and expertise. I enjoy working with her because she delivers what she says she will · Thanks

Estate of E Vemon Fenrrell – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci is the best.

Jeffrey Betts and Sara O’Hara – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci is top notch.

Gary Keoll – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci did a great job explaining the process and working through the short sale. This was our second successful purchase through her. If and when we have real estate needs In Myrtle Beach, Traci will be the agent we call.

Michael Gheen and Ruth Quinn – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci was very helpful not only with the purchase but helping with all the things we needed to do to get the house in shape to rent.

Gonzalo Hidalgo – North Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci is the best

David and Beth Wilson – Myrtle Beach, SC

I have bought 8 condos thru Traci.

David Mertz – Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks to Traci we got the property we wanted. She did a terrific job!

Muhamed and Tanja Krkbesevic – Myrtle Beach, SC


Just a quick note to say “Thank You”.

You were true to your words – “be patient and we’ll get it through!”

I couldn’t be happier, you and Mike are a great team and I got a great bargain on a condo I once only dreamed about owning. It’s hard to put it all in words, but thank you for walking me through the process, helping me to maintain patience (which I have none), and keeping me focused on the big picture – a great condo at a great price.

You really did help me achieve another goal that I had set for myself! You can be sure that I will recommend you and Mike to all of my friends and relatives for purchase in Myrtle Beach.

Thanks again,

Ron Hansen

Traci and Mike,

First of all, I would like to tell you how lucky I feel with everything that happened in the past months. In February, me and my partner had a dream on buying a condo in Myrtle Beach. We didn’t have a clue from where to start then, and it became reality, mostly because of you.

When we got in MB that weekend of march to visit many properties and try to make up our mind on what would be the best buy for us, we were a little disappointed when Traci told us that she had other obligations that weekend since we already contacted her earlier in march on a recommendation of a bank person in MB. But she didn’t let us down and told us that she’d be sending another good realtor, that’s when we met with you Mike.

You took the time to answer all of our questions on about how, when, why, and more and more. You were patient and kind, and we could tell you were honest in all of your answers, that was very important for us. After that weekend, we felt that you were to be the guy we needed to bring to term our project.

Then after, we put your patience to test. emailing, calling, questioning, changing our mind, I don’t know how you went thru that, but I felt annoying sometimes. However, you served us with professionalism and courtesy. Thanks!

At last, after we made our mind on what type of condo we would like to get, you had to go back and visit some units that we were interested in. You took pictures, made videos with detailed descriptions, you called us, letting us know what were your feelings on them, brief, you chose it for us. That’s what we call being confident. We made an offer and finally got it at the right price.

After all, it was a lot of emotions we went through, but we do not regret a thing, not a single moment of it. And just to let you know how we fell about it, we are ready to repeat this experience again, so keep you eyes open for other deals. We will put our trust in you to get another one pretty soon.

Traci, I couldn’t’t leave without thanking you for everything you did too. You were there (even if you had a lot to do) when Mike had this terrible moment with his son’s illness. You could not have done a better job during the offer process.

Finally, the fact that you both came and met us after the deal was done and offered us numerous of services that could become handy for us made us fell like, you’re not only in this business to sell properties, you are there to help and serve people you are dealing with, and that, to me, is the way I want to be treated.

Thanks again for everything, hope to see you soon!

Mario Lemonde – Montréal, Canada

This was a short sale. Even when I had given up hope, Traci would offer encouragement. Seeing her determination that I would get the house I wanted, made me feel that it would come true. Traci was excellent and professional in selling me the prefect house

Suzanne Vick – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci does a great job.

Burgess Properties and Invest LLC – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci Miles was excellent!!

Craig and Traci Taylor – Roanoke, VA

Traci did a wonderful job and made the transaction almost seem effortless! Thank you so much!

Missy Davisson – Myrtle Beach, SC

Fifth property I have bought from Traci.

David Mertz – Christiansburg, VA

Traci is energetic and knowledgeable.

Wade Rose – Coeburn, VA

I am in my own business 40 years and in the time that I spent with Traci she showed me to never stop having energy and renewed my thoughts on to cater to the customer. THANK YOU Traci

Michael Prudente – Rockaway, NJ

We loved working with Traci and will continue to use her services in the future.

Brad and Betsie Neff – Osterburg, PA

Traci is FANTASTIC!!!

Marian Reese – Kilmarnock, VA

Traci was always available and made us feel like we established our first friend in our new home. We could tell she was a very busy work schedule but made time to guide us through our property purchase. She really knows her job and she is the reason I would return and refer Century 21 Boling to everyone I know.

Michael and Irene Czahor – Bethlehem, PA

We have bought and sold four houses before, and have dealt with many realtors. Traci Miles gets the highest honor we could think of. She has been nothing but excellent in all aspects of dealing with the house. Even after the house was closed she was there to help us in different matters. We would highly recommend her and will call her for any future real-estate needs.

Anvile and Dollie Om – Florence, SC

Traci is extremely competent and professional. She stayed on top of the negotiations and kept us informed. We really felt that she never wavered from keeping our interest as #1 priority. She was there at the closing representing our interest which made us feel good.

Austin Cox – Myrtle Beach, SC

Traci was extremely diligent in following up, without “pestering” us. She was also very helpful in connecting us with other services, as needed, through (and beyond) the closing.

Anne Myers – Kernersville, NC

This is the third property I have worked with Traci and am currently working with her on a fourth!

David Mertz – Christiansburg, VA

Traci Miles Rocks!!!

Steve and Kathryn Burrows – Indian Trail, NC